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' I don't understand where people's decency is." This was followed by a great little cameo from said estate agent who gormlessly asked her: "Don't I know you from somewhere?

" Sammy, who hopes to use the cash from her gig to study psychology, diplomatically saved her response – "Yeah, mate, from one of my foot fetish films" – until he'd gone.

The television programme is written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, with additional material by Mitchell and Webb, among others.

It was broadcast on Channel 4 from 2003 until 2015.

She's managed to attract niche crowds, who'll pay £2 a minute to watch her cook dinner in her knickers.

She once made £300 in one night from people watching her play XBox.

Though it never achieved great commercial success, the show received consistent critical acclaim and became a cult favourite.Mark is also obsessed with his workmate Sophie (Olivia Colman), who is more interested in the manly Jeff.