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Not all human mating occurs within such bonds; within and across societies, polygamous arrangements are relatively common (Broude 1994).

In considering how and why people choose mates, therefore, two points are significant: (1) there are variations as well as universalities across cultures, and (2) there is a distinction between selection of mates for short-term relationships versus long-term relationships. "dominance and heterosexual attraction." journal of personality and social psychology 52(4):30–738.shepher, j.

The assumption was that a person is attracted to potential mates who make that person feel good. "evolution, traits, and the stages of human courtship: qualifying the parental investment model." journal of personality –117.murstein, b. "stimulus-value-role: a theory of marital choice." journal of marriage and the family 5–481.otta, e.; da silva queiroz, r.; de sousa campos, l.; da silva, m.

Researchers in this tradition focused on overt characteristics such as physical appearance and the expression of similar attitudes and values (Byrne 1971).

People indeed tend to mate with others who have similar characteristics, including political attitudes, lifestyle values, personality, appearance, or ethnicity (Botwin, Buss, and Shackelford 1997; Keller, Thiessen, and Young 1996).

Consistent with the theory that such features make the judge feel good, it was found that people do find it pleasant to interact with similar others (Byrne 1971). "adolescents' age preferences for dating partners: support for an evolutionary model of life-history strategies." child development 67(4):1499–1511.kenrick, d.

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Support for general exchange theories, on the other hand, has been clearer.

The earliest dyadic exchange models focused on complementarity (Winch 1955). "evolution and proximate expression of human paternal investment." psychological bulletin 126(1):55–, b.

So, for example, it was expected that socially dominant partners will seek socially submissive others for relationships. "facial attractiveness, developmental stability, and fluctuating asymmetry." ethology and sociobiology 15(2):73–85.geary, d.

An alternative interpretation of those findings emphasizes that arousal simply boosts attraction, without any necessary misinterpretation of arousal (Allen et al. Another set of factors that affects mate choice involves personality traits.

One line of research examined differences between those adopting an unrestricted versus restricted approach to relationships (Simpson and Gangestad 1992). boston: allyn and bacon.hatfield, e.; traupmann, j.; sprecher, s.; utne, m.; and hay, j. "equity and intimate relationships: recent research." in compatible and incompatible relationships, ed.

Unrestricted individuals, inclined to have sex without commitment and to be involved with more than one partner at a time, choose attractive and outgoing partners; restricted (or monogamously oriented) individuals favor partners manifesting personality characteristics associated with fidelity and good parenting.

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