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16-Jun-2018 20:03

And of course you need this timer (as recommended by Julie) to keep them honest! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through Monday.

I first tried Math Speed Dating in my class this year.

They want to be able to show their next partner that they “got this.” All of this works together to keep kids far more on task and actively engaged than if they were solving each of the problems independently on a worksheet.

When the activity begins, students receive the same problem that their partners across from them receive.

So if my partner is having trouble with the problem, I’m the expert at that problem and can explain it.

Students get practice explaining that same problem over and over, and each time their confidence grows a little higher.

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4) Odd number of students 5) coming up with enough problems. Gave them four minutes to become the expert and I said I would answer questions at this time. In all my classes, all of my students were working on the problems and helping each other out THE ENTIRE TIME. And after, one class had time to start on their study guide and the conversation continued, which was awesome.

The activity itself makes students interact with different classmates but for a short enough time so that it never gets too awkward and they never have enough time to start goofing off.